Four angels have come
Dark circles around their eyes
They’re silent, levitating
The times, they have come
Now we are masters of your fate
Copper people are fleeing
You run, you run, you run, you run
And you’re falling
See the children are corrupted
Everybody’s now just walking
On a way of crime, hate and blood
Long told stories of broken lives, cause everybody’s all gone mad
Can you break the jaws and sharp teeth of many furious creatures
You try, you try
But you’re failing
Those times they have gone
You wake up
Open your eyes
Four mute angels
They are showing
That a change is on
Just let yourself carry by
Cause now the times they have come
You cry you cry
But you’re falling
And the liars render justice
Everybody’s now just walking
On a way of crime hate and blood
And you’re praying, and you’re fighting, you don’t know what else you can do
Cause you don’t know if you have to forget these furious creatures
You try, you cry, you try, you cry
But you’re failing

Written by Bilil / Alban Sautour 

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